High Speed Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing NN3026 NN3026K

  • Cylindrical Roller Bearings

1. More than 20 years of manufacturing and exporting experiences 2. an ISO/TS16949 company 3. 100% inspecting of products 4. More competitive prices with better quality 5. More than 99% of delivery in time 6. Rapid response of your emails and questions 7. Products can be traced back


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Cylindrical Roller Bearings

a、Lower speed than the ball bearing with the same dimension
b、High precision
c、Low noise and small vibration
d、Mainly withstand radial load
e、Can withstang a litter axial load if outer ring and inner ring have ribs

Double row cylindrical roller bearings full performance characteristics

TWB SL04 series double row full complement cylindrical roller bearing mainly used to sheave, as it has large radius load capacity and shock-proof ability as well as axial load capacity in both directions.

Comprising one outer ring and two inner rings, the bearing is assembled as a unit by an internal locking structure. The width of the outer ring is less than total width of two inner rings by 1 mm, two snap rings are fitted on the outer ring, oil grooves and holes are made at contact face of two inner rings, therefore the bearing application design is simplified. On both sides of the bearing mounted are steel seals, or optional rubber seal or nylon seals. All outside surfaces of the bearing components are phosphate to ensure the bearing able to work in the open air.


Electric motors, machine tools, construction machineries, light industry machineries, paper machineries, textile machineries, etc.


















Profile Sub-plan

Type Bearing series Size(mm)
Deep groove ball bearing 600, 620, 630, 6000, 6200, 6300, 6400, 4200, 4300, 61800, 61900, 16000, 16100 3-2390
Self aligning ball bearing 1200, 2200, 1300, 2300 5-240
Cylinderical roller bearing N, NU, NJ, NUP, NF, NNU, NN, NNF, NH, NJP, NNTR, NNFP, FC, FCD, FCDP 15-1900
Spherical roller bearing 21300, 22200, 22300, 23000, 23100, 23200, 23900, 24000, 24100 20-1800
Needle roller bearing HK, BK, SCE, BCE, NK, NA, NKI, RNA, HF, HFL, K, CF, KR, NUKR, AXK, AS 3-415
Angular contact ball bearing 7200, 7300, 7400, 3200, 3300, 5200, 5300, 5400 10-1700
Taper roller bearing 30200, 30300, 31300, 32000, 32200, 32300, 33100, 33200, 32900, Inch Series 15-1270
Thrust ball bearing 51100, 51200, 51300, 51400, 59100, 52200, 52300, 52400 3-1400
Thrust roller bearing K81100, K81200, K89300, K89400, K89100 15-2540

High Speed Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing NN3026 NN3026K NN3026K/C91 NN3026K/P494 NN3026K/W33


Product Cylindrical Roller Bearing
ID Size 110-1500mm
OD Size 170-2300mm
Material GCR15 or GCR15SIMN
Structure Double Row
Cage Steel
Grade ABEC-1, ABEC-3, ABEC-5
Certificate ISO9001:2008
OEM Available
Application Industrial machines, middle-size and large size motors, electricity generators, internal combustion engines, gas turbines, etc.



Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing Models
NN3022K NNU40/500K/W33 NNU4956 NNU40/950/W33 NNU4938B-W33
NN3022/YA8 NNU41/500/W33 NN3056K NNU41/950/W33 NNU4938/C4YA4
NN3022KL/P49W33 NNU41/500/W33 NN3056 NN49/1000 NN3038K
NN3022K/P49W33 NNP6/500/HCP63W33YB5 NN3056K/P52W33 NNU49/1000/W33X NN3038K/W33
NN3022K/SPC91W33 NNU49/530/HCW33 NNU4156 NN30/1000/W33 NN3038
NN3022 NN30/530/W33 NNU4960/C3W33 NNU40/1000/W33 NNU6038
NNU622Q1/HCYA7 NN30/530K/W33 NNU4960/C9 NNU41/1000K30/W33 NN3040K
NN3024K NNU40/530/W33 NN3060K/YA8 NNU49/1060/W33 NN3040
NN3024K/W33 NNU40/530K/W33 NN3060/YA8 NNU49/1060K/W33 NN3040K/C9
NN3024K/C9 NNU41/530K30/W33 NN3060K/P51W33YA8 NN30/1060/W33 NN3040K/W33
NN3024K/C1LW33 NNU41/530/W33 NNU4960K/W33 NN30/1060K/W33 NNU6/206X4M/C9
NN3024K/C91W33 NNU49/560/W33 NNU4964/W33 NNU41/1060/W33 NNU4944/P53W33
NN3024 NN30/560K NN3064/W33 NNU41/1060K/W33 NNU4944K/SPC1W33
NNTR120-2Z NN30/560K/P5W33 NN3064K/P52W33 NNU49/1120/W33 NN3044K
NN3026 NNU49/560K/W33 NNU4064X2/C9W33 NNU49/1120K/W33 NN3044K/W33
NN3026K/C9W33 NNU49/560K/W33X NNU4168 NNU41/1120/W33 NN3044
NN3026K/C91 NN49/560K/P51W33 NNU4068/W33X NNU41/1120K30/W33 NN3044/C1W33
NN3026K NNU40/560/P63W33YB5 NN3068K/W33 NNU49/1180/W33 NNU4948/P63W33
NN3026K/C93 NNU49/600/P63W33YB5 NN3072K/P52W33 NNU49/1180K30/W33 NNU4948/P53W33
NN3026K/P494 NN30/600KF1/YA8 NN3076K/P52W33 NNU41/1180/W33 NNU4948/C3W33
NN3026K/W33 NN30/600F1/YA8 NNU4176/C9 NNU41/1180K/W33 NNU4948K/SPC1W33
NN3026K/C92W33 NNU41/600/HCW33 NN3080K NNU41/1250/W33 NN3048K
NNFP3326X3 NN48/630K/P51W33 NNU4180 NNU41/1250K30/W33 NN3048
NNU6/139.7Q1/C9W33YA2 NN30/630KF1/YA8 NNU4980K/W33 NN49/1320/W33 NN3048K/P51W33
NNJ4928 NN30/630F1/YA8 NNU4984K/P52W33 NN49/1320K/W33 NN3048K/SPC1W33
NNU3028/C9W33 NNU49/670/C3 NNU4084/W33 NNU49/1320/W33 NNU4952X2/C9W33
NN3028K NNU30/670 NNU4084X3/HCEW33X NNU49/1320K/W33 NNU4952/W33YA4
NN3028K/C9 NNU6/690/HCEC9W33YB2 NN3084K/W33 NNU41/1320/W33 NNU4952/W33
NN3028KTN1 NNP49/710/C9YA57 NNP4088X3/W33 NNU41/1320K/W33 NN3052K/P51W33
NN3028 NNP49/710/C9YA7 NNU4888K/W33 NNU41/1400/W33 NN3052K
NN3028K/C91W33 NN30/710/W33 NNU4888/W33 NNU41/1400K30/W33 NNU4152
NN3028K/W33 NNU40/710/W33 NNU4088/W33 NNU41/1500/W33 NNU4052/W33
NN3028K/SPC1W33 NNU41/710/W33 NNU4088K/W33 NNU49/850/W33X NNU4952K/W33
NN3030K NN48/710X2K NNU4188K30M/W33 NN30/850/W33 NNU4956K/P52W33
NN3030/YA8 NN48/750K30/W33 NNU4188/W33 NN30/850K/W33 NNU49/500X2F1/YA34
NN3030 NNU49/750 NN3092K/P52W33 NNU40/850/W33 NNU49/500F1/W33X
NN3030/C9 NN30/750/W33 NNU4892K/W33 NNU41/850/W33 NNU49/500K/W33X
NN3030/C9YA8 NN30/750/P63W33YB5 NNU4892/W33 NNU49/900/W33X NN30/500/W33
NN3030K/C91W33 NNU40/750/W33 NNU4992/W33 NN30/900/W33 NN30/500/W33
NN3030K/W33 NNU41/750/W33 NNU4992K/W33 NNU40/900/W33 NNU40/500/W33
NNU6/158X4Q1/W33X NNU49/800/W33X NN3092K/W33 NNU41/900/W33 NNU4996/W33
NN3032K NN30/800K/W33 NNU4092/W33 NNU41/900K/W33 NNU4996K/W33
NN3032K/P494 NN30/800/W33 NNU4092K/W33 NNU49/950/W33X NN3096/W33
NN3032KTN1 NNU40/800/W33 NNU4192K30 NN30/950/W33 NN3096K/W33
NN3032K/W33 NNU41/800/W33 NNU4192 NN30/950K/W33 NNU4096/W33
NN3032K/SPC1W33 NNU4936K NN3034K NN3034K/W33 NNU4096/W33
NN3032K/YB2 NN3036K NN3034/YA8 1-2029 NNU4196/W33
NN3032K/C9W33YB2 NN3036K/W33 NN3034K/C9 NND5936X3/C4YB4 NNU4196K/W33
NN3032 NN3036 NNU4132X3/HCYA7W33X


Please Talk to Our Sales for More Models of Bearings. If You Have Any Specific Inquiry, We’ll be Happy to Assist You!


  • 25 years experiences in bearing industry
  • Professional R&D team
  • After-sales service and technical assistance
  • OEM & ODM service available
  • Cost-effective solutions for various industry applications
How do you do quality control?
All our products are ISO certified and all the parts are strictly inspected during production including
metallurgical testing, crack detection, roundness, hardness, roughness and geometric dimensions
How long is your lead time?
7-15 working days if parts are in stock, 30-45 working days if not in stock, depends on per customer’s  requirement
 Do you offer samples?
Yes, we do offer samples. The cost of sample depends on the sizes of bearing and level of customization
 Terms of payment
Payment less than USD$1000, pay full in advance.
Payment over USD$1000, 30% T/T in advance, balance before shipment.



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