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Our Services

We deliver quality and efficiency to discerning clients in the Aerospace, Medical and Oil & Gas industries.



 one-stop-shop with the combined capability of a precision machine shop and special process plant in a world-class, state of the art facility.



We are a leading and trusted global auto parts / car parts supplier of many critical Metal Injection Molding (MIM) components and Lost wax Casting (Investment Casting) components.


Consumer Product

Greata is a leading global supplier of custom engineered MIM products for sporting goods, electronics, tools and hardware applications.

Greata is a one-stop-shop with the combined capability of a precision machine shop.


Industrial Applications

Greata is a leading and trusted global supplier for products used in a wide range of industrial applications. From high strength structural parts to tiny fiber optic connectors.Our good facilities and world class manufacturing team can capably manage any size project for the most challenging applications.


medical devices,

Greata industry-leading solutions for medical devices, orthopedic and orthodontic applications. We are your single resource for medical products and surgical instruments from concept design and prototype through fabrication, integration and packaging. 


Additive Manufacturing

Binder-Jet 3D printing process is a form of the additive manufacturing process that results in minimum OR no wastage and offers almost 360-degree freedom on the design of the components