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  • CNC Machining Services

    Our experienced CNC machining engineers can select the right tools and optimize tool paths, achieve an ideal CNC milling surface, and keep tight tolerances. We can provide all types of custom CNC machined parts to meet your project needs.

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  • Gr1/Gr2/Gr3/Gr7/Gr9/Gr12/Gr16 Titanium Pipe Seamless Alloy Steel Tube

    Gr1/Gr2/Gr3/Gr7/Gr9/Gr12/Gr16 Titanium Pipe Seamless Alloy Steel Tube  Gr2 Titanium Seamless Pipe   Specification: ASTM B338,ASTM SB338,ASTM B861,ASTM SB861 Material:Gr1,Gr2, Gr3,Gr7, Gr9,Gr12,Gr16 Diameter range: 6-219mm Thickness range:0.5-15mm Annual output: 1200 tons     Able to produce large diameter with thin wall alloy tube

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    A titanium seal is a type of seal made from titanium, a strong and corrosion-resistant metal. Titanium seals are commonly used in high-pressure and high-temperature applications, such as in aerospace, oil and gas, and marine industries. They designed to withstand extreme conditions and provide a reliable and long-lasting seal. Titanium seals are often used in critical equipment where failure is not an option, making them an important component in various industrial and commercial applications.

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  • titanium tube ASTM B338

    Product Description 1. Grade: Gr1,Gr2,Gr3,Gr5,Gr7,Gr9,Gr12,Gr16 2. Outer Diameter: 6-273mm Wall Thickness: 0.5-22mm Max Length: 18m 3. Standard:ASTM B338/SB861, ASTM SB338/SB861, EN10204 4. Certification: ISO9001, PED, DNV Product Name Titaniun Tube/Pipe Material Titanium & Titanium Alloy Tube & Pipe Marking Customer Requested Standard ASTM B338/SB861, ASTM SB338/SB861, EN10204 Grade Gr1,Gr2,Gr3,Gr5,Gr7,Gr9,Gr12,Gr16 Brade Packaging Sea Worthy Packaging Used Industrial, Heating…

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