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1 Affordability
: Since 3D printing uses only the required material and needs no tooling, it is one of the most affordable manufacturing processes for one-off parts or small batches.

2 geometries: 
trongse 3D printers create parts layer by layer using a computer-controlled nozzle, they can be used to create highly complex shapes, including complex interior geometries.

3 Efficiency
: Once a part has been designed using CAD software, it can be printed in a matter of hours, without a lengthy setup procedure.

4 Adaptability: 
Because 3D printed parts require no tooling, there is less risk involved when creating a part. If a fault is discovered after printing, it can be amended digitally without the need to replace expensive tooling.

5 Environmental factors
: Although 3D printers require power to operate, there is generally no material wastage involved. Subtractive processes like machining, on the other hand, produce waste material.

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Titanium seal stamp

optical fiber engraving material, silver, gold, black, sandblasting, pill, inch body

Titanium stamps are stamps made using titanium metal. Titanium metal has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, light weight, and high strength, and is therefore widely used in various fields, including stamp making.
Titanium stamps usually have a long service life and are not easily corroded or damaged. At the same time, due to the light weight of titanium, titanium stamps are more convenient to carry and use. In addition, titanium stamps can be processed through various processes to produce various shapes and patterns to meet the needs of different users.
In seal making, titanium seals have a wide range of applications and can be used to make various types of seals such as personal name seals, corporate seals, financial seals, and calligraphy seals. In addition, titanium seals can also be customized according to user needs to produce seals with personalized characteristics.
It is important to note that although titanium seals have many advantages, they still require care and maintenance during use to avoid excessive pressure and friction, which can damage the surface of the seal or affect its lifespan. Also, it is important to purchase titanium seals through legitimate channels to ensure product quality and effectiveness.